Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, A Lot Has Changed!

We kept this woman for 3 weeks. We fed, clothed, and housed her. We bought a bed for her. We bought a TV so that she would have one in her room. We got her a job with our friends. She lasted at the job 4 days before exploding to me, "None of this is working out!" She then proceeded to berate Rick and call him a scam artist (he's not), a drug addict (he's not), an alcoholic (well, that's up for debate), and a schiester. During this tirade, she called him Steve. That's the man who brought her here. We had to call the police to get her out. We paid for a taxi to a hotel, one night at the hotel, and said, good riddance. I bought her over $50 in clothing to go to work in uniform. Rick bought all her cigarettes, and she was smoking like it would never end. I know we did the right thing at first, but, she wanted chaos and we are calm people. My therapist almost laughed when I told him about her. He said a grad student could write a whole thesis based on her alone. OK. Waiting for all of my readers to chime in and tell me I was an idiot. I couldn't leave her on the side of the road when Steve left. We did the right thing. She just wouldn't accept it. We talked to her dad after she left. He said, "Well, that didn't take long. I told you so." Her parents will have nothing to do with her. We are still recovering from the trauma. Hopefully, we can get back to work tomorrow and put this episode behind us.

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