Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Had a nice little mini-vacation

We went to Stockbridge, GA, for 4 nights. Rick played golf with a friend a couple of days. I was able to get completely caught up with my coupons. That's a big job! I found a great deal on olive oil at my local Bi-Lo, but, the deal goes off tonight and I just got back from GA and don't want to get dressed and go to Bi-Lo. That's OK, just grab it the next time it comes around. We took our little Miniature Pincer, Molly, with us on this trip. The hotel doesn't charge extra for a pet. Many charge $20 per night for one. It was a nice break, but, back to reality tomorrow morning. In my mind, I'm still on vacation 'til 8 AM on Wednesday! Since I was in the Atlanta area, I bought 4 Sunday papers. Better coupons than at home. Also, found some inserts in a weekly local paper at a restaurant. Rick wouldn't let me go through all the papers and take the inserts. I only got away with one extra. He's such a wet blanket! I'm really trying to get back in the coupon game and find some deals. I'm somewhat limited in that. Bi-Lo is the biggest grocery chain here aside from WM. Won't shop WM. It's a moral issue with me. Food Lion closed all their stores here. There's a couple of Publix, but, way out of the way for me. Luckily, Bi-Lo doubles up to .60, so I can get some pretty good deals there from time to time. I still have a healthy pantry. Rick didn't make me get rid of everything! We took over $800 in goods to the local rescue mission last week. It runs the gamut. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, towels, clothes, music, household goods. It was a load. Took 3 days to get it all there. Good things happen when you give. We received $70 in free Chili's GC since we gave all that. We like to eat out a lot. Bad for the budget, good for us. What can I say? The bad news. Since we left last Friday, 5 credit card bills came in the mail. Bummer! We play the points game with every purchase. Use X credit card, earn airline miles. Use Y credit card, earn hotel points. Use Z credit card, earn cash back. We play them all. The trick is to pay them off every month so we don't pay interest. Trying, trying. Usually pretty good at it.

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