Sunday, June 10, 2012

Business Is Looking Up!

As you know, we are civil process servers. We are hired by local, and sometimes out of town, attorneys to serve papers on defendants, witnesses, things such as that. It's a roller coaster ride. One month we may have very little business, the next month we are covered up. We've gotten a couple of new clients lately. They've been keeping us pretty busy. It's a great mental challenge at times. We have to figure out how to find someone by various means. We also have to time our attempts to serve with what we think might be their schedules. It can be a daunting task, but, we love it. Oops! I made a mistake today after lunch. I let Rick go in the grocery by himself. He has no self control whatsoever. He bought 20 pork tenderloin cutlets. We won't eat that in a year. And, he won't let me wrap them in freezer paper. He says we'll eat them soon enough. As you know, the wrap from the butcher shop is porous and won't keep out the freezer burn. I'll have to step in and do this the right way. Oops! Tried that. He adamantly refuses to wrap them in ziploc or freezer paper. So, let's just toss out 10 of them now and be done with it. I haven't been "coupon shopping" in quite a while. I am truly trying to use stockpile. I don't do much of the shopping, so, most of my efforts are for naught. We are planning a big trip to Key West for next March. I have the points and frequent flyer and all that to do a thrifty trip. We will have to rent a car for a week, but, other than that, just food and drink. Rick has wanted to do this for a long time. I'll make the arrangements now so that we can get premium seats, hotel rooms, etc. by booking so far out. I guess we'll board Molly for a week or so. That's "only" $25 a day. Dogs are expensive, aren't they?

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