Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still Kicking

Snagged a new client this week. We have 10 papers from them to serve this week or next. That's about $600 for the week. We usually work about 3 hours per day at this. I would like to work 6 hours a day. Need more clients. Rick has been out pounding the pavement for new clients. He's really good. I have a stack of coupons on my desk from the past 2-3 weeks I've clipped, but, gotten no farther with them. I need to enter them in the HCW database for trading, file them in the binder, and USE some of them! I guess I need another golf trip to get caught up. I had to break down and buy reading glasses a couple of weeks ago. I could no longer read the exp dates on coupons. I wear bi-focals anyway as I can't see anything farther away than my hand in front of my face. Now, the near vision is almost gone. I'm telling you, gettin' old ain't for sissies! Summer is only about 3 weeks old and we've had 100+ weather for days and days on end. I'm just in Tennessee, for goodness sakes. It's not like I'm in Florida. Step-mother got out of the nursing home on July 4th. She's still in a cast. Her leg just won't heal. She will probably never walk again. I don't know how she's going to care for herself and her brother. I just stay away. I can't take it. Rick promised that he would have the boat repaired, checked out, and in the paper for sale by Sunday. This boat has been a boondoggle from the very beginning. I'm sick of fixing it, looking at it. I just want it gone. It's a classic; 1978 Glastron-Carlson 17 ft. power boat. Original Mercury outboard. Rick's in love with the piece of junk, but, I'm serious, it's going! Anyone want a really cool boat?

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